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Maremma Sheepdog Traits

A Maremma generally

is independent, self-thinking, highly intelligent, able to assess situations without human guidance.

*  Needs an owner who is intelligent, preferably with prior big dog experience. Owner must be a strong alpha leader, fair and loving and very consistent with all rules.

*  Needs early socialisation and then throughout its entire life. Basic training is a MUST for companion dogs. Good fencing is a necessity.

*  Devoted and loving to his family and close friends. Very reserved and wary around strangers. Territorial of home and surroundings.

*  Will give ‘warning’ barks at anything it deems suspicious or strange.

*  If left outside will patrol property and territory, mostly vigilant during night hours. If left outside will patrol property and territory. Will bark at anything out of place or unusual. A dog left alone permanently in a backyard and not socialised will become highly territorial and overly protective of boundaries.

*  Sheds its undercoat profusely – must be brushed and groomed. Rest of year it stays remarkable clean due to its self-cleaning abilities.

*  Loves snow, cold weather, very weather resistant.  Will tolerate hot conditions, however, needs to be able to have access to cool areas and shade.

*  Generally gets along well with other pets. Not highly dog-dog aggressive.

*  Generally very gentle around well-behaved children.

*  Will not tolerate abuse from children or adults.  When mistreated or treated unfairly their trust in humans will be destroyed.

*  Dietary needs are very small due to low metabolism. Adult dogs eat 4-5 cups high quality adult maintenance dog food per day, less in summer.

Any dog which has no contact with humans and is left in the paddock with livestock will become wild/feral.



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